Explain any five reasons responsible for depletion of flora and fauna in India

Explain any five reasons responsible for depletion of flora and fauna in India.
How have human activities catalyst the depletion of flora and fauna? Explain.
Write any five reasons for the depletion of forest resource in India.
Ans. There are five major reasons which are responsible for depletion of flora andfauna in India
(i) Agricultural expansion After Independence agricultural expansion becomes the major causes of depletion of forest resources. Between 1951 and 1980, according to the Forest Survey of India over 26,200 sq. km of forest area was converted • into agricultural land all over the India.
{ii) Mining It is another major factor behind
deforestation, e.g. dolomite mining has seriously threatened the Buxa Tiger Reserve in West Bengal. This ongoing mining has disturbed the natural habitat and blocked the migration route of great Indian elephant.
(iii) Large-scale development projects Since 1951, over 5000 sq km of forest was cleared for River Valley Projects. Narmada Sagar Projects in Madhya Pradesh has inundated 40000 hectare of forest.
(iv) Rapidly expanding industrial-urban economy Increasing consumption of forest based product such as rubber, medicines, dyes, fuel wood has increased the depletion of forest resources.
(v) Over population In the third world countries it is often cited as the cause of environmental degradations. However an average American Consumed 40 times more resources than an average Somalian. Similarly 5 per cent richest Indians cause more ecological damage than poorest 25 per cent.