Explain any five positive impacts of globalisation

Explain any five positive impacts of globalisation.

Positive Impacts of Globalisation.

  • More and more goods and services are being created between countries.
  • There is greater foreign investment now.
  • New techniques of production and modem technology is taking place.
  • Supporters of Globalisation say that there is evidence to show that among the poorest countries those that trade with other nations most of them achieved the highest rate growth in income per head and the greatest decline in poverty.
  • It is also argued that the more countries trade with each other, the more their standards of living improve.
  • The Australian foreigner said, that globalisation has increased G.D.P., employment, family incomes and living standard generally in Australia. .
  • No doubt, there is greater choice before the consumers who now enjoy improved quality and lower prices for several products. As a result, people today enjoy much higher standards of living than was possible earlier.
  • Globalisation has also created new opportunities for companies providing services particular those involving IT.
  • Moreover, globalisation has enabled some large Indian companies to emerge as multinationals themselves such as, Tata Motors, Infosys, Ranbaxy, Asian Paints, Sundaram Fasteners, etc.