Explain about National Sports Federations (NSFs)

Explain about National Sports Federations (NSFs).

National Sports Federations/associations are voluntary organizations which have mandatory links with the I.O.A. and their respective international federations. The structure of NSF begins with district sports associations, makes state sports associations and then makes national sports federations.
Functions of NSFs :

  1. NSFs are responsible for holding sports competitions regularly and get their teams trained for participation in state, national and international competitions.
  2. Each NSFs guides, directs and controls the working of its subordinate units.
  3. Each NSFs has mandatory link with I.O.A.
    and international sports federations. Through Sports Authority of India (S.A.I.) the Govt, gives all possible financial assistance, scientific back up, infrastructure and coaching etc. to all National Sports Federations to achieve excellence in their respective sports.