Examine the role and involvement of women in the readership and authorship of novels in India

Women did not remain mere readers of books written by men, soon they themselves began to write novels.
The early creations of women were poems, essays or autobiographical pieces.
In early decades of 20th century, women in South India began to write novels and short stories. Areasonforthepopularityofnovelamongwomenwas that it allowed for a new conception of womanhood. Stories of love showed women who could choose or refuse their partners and relationships. Some women authors wrote about women who changed the world of both men and women.
Rokeya Sakhawat Hossein wrote satiric fantasy in English called ‘Sultana’s Dream’ which depicts a topsy-turvy world in which women, took the place of men. Her novel ‘Padmarag’ showed that women should reform their own condition.