Evaluate the statement; "Friction is a necessary evil."

Evaluate the statement; “Friction is a necessary evil.”

Friction is usually called a necessary evil. It means that it is essential in games and sports. Without friction, we cannot give a better performace in the field of sports. For example, athletes (racers and jumpers) use spikes and football players use studs to have appropriate friction while they run fast. Without friction they are unable to run fast. Even walking may be difficult due to less friction. The weightlifters also use lime on palms before holding the bar in jerk and snatch. In badminton, the players are usually seen to rub their soles of shoes with line before going to the wooden court. In fact, in sports field, there are a lot of examples where friction is advantageous. Even gymnasts also use lime on their plams to perform on horizontal bar, uneven bars and roman rings to have friction. Friction is disadvantageous in some of the sports and games, such as in cycling, there should not he more friction between road and the tyres of cycle. If there is more friction there will be more wastage of energy of the rider. The tyres must be fully inflated to reduce the force of friction in cycling. In roller skating, there should be less friction for better performance.
Consequently, it can be said it is advantageous in some of the sports but in other sports more force of friction is disadvantageous. Upto some extent, some force of friction is required in various sports. The requirement may differ or vary from sports to sports.