Evaluate the administration of Lord Hastings

Evaluate the administration of Lord Hastings.

Lord Hastings became Governor - General in 1813. He adopted a vigorous forward policy and waged wars extensively. His aggressive arid imperialist policies paved the way for the general of expansion of the British empire. He further expanded the British power in India.

The conditions in India when he assumed power posed a serious threat to the British administration. There was anarthy, in central India. The pindaris plundered the whole region and the Marathas could not control them. Also, there was infighting among the Maratha chiefts. Yet. they were aiming at the explusion of the British from India.

The peshwa was secretly plotting against the British. Hastings was also troubled by the expansion of the Gurkha power. Therefore, Hastings determined to restore order by suppressing the Pindaris and to eliminate threats to the British power by waging wars with the Marathas and the Gurkhas.

Lord Hastings was an able soldier and a brilliant administrator. His liberant views on education and press are commendable. He suppressed the Pindaris, defeated the Marathas and curbad the power of the Gurkhas. His territorial gains strengthened the British power in India. He was considered the maker of the Bombay presidency. In short, he completed and consolidated the work of Wellesley.