Enumerate various preventive measures of obestiy

Enumerate various preventive measures of obestiy.

Preventive Measures of Obesity :
(a) Physical Activity : An obese person should regularly perform physical activity, and avoid sedentary life style.
(b) Avoid Fats : Avoid fried food. Direct fats like butter, cream, ghee, animal fats, etc. should not be taken. For the sake of taste, only refined oil or mustard oil should be used for cooking.
© Eating lot of Fibrous Food : Food items like fruits, salad, vegetables, etc., are rich sources of, fibrous food. Foods with high fibre content provide vitamins and minerals to the body. They are low in energy food and thus prevent obesity.
(d) Balanced Diet : Obese persons should strictly take balanced diet with very less amount of carbohydrates and fats.
(e) Medicine only by Doctor’s Advice : We should consult an expert doctor and follow his advice or prescription in case of health problems (disease, illness, weakness, etc.).
(f) Regular Medical Checkup : We should regularly go for medical checkup (every 6 months).
(g) Avoid Spicy Food : Spicy food causes many health problems, (diseas, illness and disorder of body), so it should be avoided.
(h) Drink Water : Drink lots of water, it prevents acidity and reduces the stress over kidney and stomach; moreover, it helps in cleaning the body waste.
(i) Avoid Junk Food : Junk food is a high calorie food. Moreover, it causes many health problems. The food items like burger, pastry, chocolates, colddrinks, candy, etc. should be avoided.
(j) Meals in Small Shifts : The diet should be taken in small shifts after some intervals rather than big heavy meals.
(k) Avoid Drinking : Obese persons should strictly avoid drinking, (alcohol), smoking and chewing of tobacco.