Enlist the effects of exercise on Muscular system

Enlist the effects of exercise on Muscular system.

Effects of Exercises on Muscular System : Following changes in our muscular system can be seen if exercises are done on regular basis :

  1. Efficiency in the Movements of Muscles.
    The movements of muscles become efficient and smooth. The movements during different activities become attractive.
  2. Change in the Connective Tissue. The connective tissue, which connects fibres, becomes powerful. These tissues can bear stress of strenuous activity and can be extended up to some degree.
  3. Controls Extra Fat. Regular exercise controls the extra fat of body. Exercises burn the calories which is taken in the form of fat.
  4. Musele Remains in Tone Position. When exercises are done on regular basis then our muscles remain in toned position. Indeed, muscle remains under some degree of contraction. Muscle becomes firm and maintains a slight, steady pull on the attachments.
  5. Formation of More Capillaries. When exercises are done, the colour of muscles is changed, because a number of new capillaries are formed for a better efficiency of blood circulation.
  6. Change in Shape and Size of Muscle. Through regular exercise, the shape and size of muscle is changed. In fact, cells of muscles are enlarged which change the shape and size of muscle.
  7. Delays Fatigue. Regular exercise delays fatigue. The fatigue is mainly due to formation of carbon dioxide, lactic acid and acid phosphate. The accumulation of C02 acid phosphate and lactic acid becomes less in an individual who performs exercise regularly, Hence, fatigue can be delayed if exercises are performed daily.
  8. Improves Reaction Time. Due to regular exercise, the speed of nerve impulses increases which ultimately improves the reaction time. These nerve impulses move very quickly through motor nerves from nervous system to muscle fibre. Owing to this the reaction time improves.
  9. Body Posture Remains Correct. By doing exercise regularly, the strength of muscles increases, which in turn, keeps the body posture in correct position. The postural deformities do not occur. If there is any physical deformity, it is removed by doing regular exercise.
  10. Non-functioning Fibres Become Active.
    When we do not do any strenuous work, all the muscle fibres of our body do not perform any work. In fact, these fibres do not need to be active. But when we perform exercise regularly, the non-functioning fibres also begin to be active. Consequently, the strength of the body increases, because the total contractile power of the muscle fibres increases.
  11. Exercise Makes the Figure Beautiful : If we perform regular exercise, we will be able to/make our body beautiful. It can be seen in Miss Universe competition. Beautiful figures are appreciated in such contests. The 36"-24"-36" figure does not come up by chance. It is only possible through regular and various types of exercises. It is actually the muscle, which makes the shape of body.
  12. Increases Food Storage Capacity : The food storage capacity is increased when regular exercises are/done. This storage of food can be utilised immediately when it is needed.