Enlist the causes of hypertension

Enlist the causes of hypertension.

Causes of Hypertension : The various causes of hypertension, are as follows :
(a) Lack of Exercises or sports Activities : Lack of proper exercises or sports activities may cause hypertension. It has now been proved that the lack of moderate exercises may lead to hypertension. Even doing less intensity exercises may lead to hypertension.
(b) Obesity : Obesity is also considered as one of the causes of hypertension. In fact, obesity can either cause or aggravate hypertension according to the researchers. They aver that if you are overweight, your risk for developing hypertension is six times greater. If you are obese, your chances of hypertension are eight times greater. So, it is clear that obesity definitely aggravates hypertension.
© Various Diseases : Some diseases like stroke, heart failure, tumor of adrenal glands, renal (kidney) failure, bending of major arteries, heart attack, etc., may cause hypertension.
(d) Faulty Lifestyle : The faulty lifestyle can be the major cause of hypertension. It may include various habits, such as improper diet, sedentary lifestyle, consumption of alcohol, smoking, overwork, taking drugs and other stimulants etc. Such types of faulty lifesfyle may increase the chances of hypertension. Nowadays, the root cause of hypertension is mainly related to the. Western diet and lifestyle habits.
(e) Genetic Causes : Hypertension may be due to genetic causes. If an individual has hypertension in his/her heredity, there may be chances of hypertension in his/her children.