During the group study at Vishaka's home, Anil got a severe pain in his stomach

During the group study at Vishaka’s home, Anil got a severe pain in his stomach.
Vishakha called her mother immediately as she (mother) was a doctor. After diagnosis it was declared stone in her kidney. She gave him some medicines and also suggested to drink a lot of water, so that the same problem does not arise again.
(i) What is the medical term used for the stone in kidney?
(ii) Why should we drink a lot of water on the regular basis?
(iii) Name the ions which are involved in the formation of renal stones?
(iv) What values did Vishakha’s mother possess?

(i) Renal calculi
(ii) For the normal regulation of kidney function we should drink a lot of water.
(iii) Calcium, magnesium, phosphates, oxalates, etc.
(iv) She is very responsible, caring and devoted towards her profession.