Draw a neatly labelled diagram to explain plant fertilisation

Draw a neatly labelled diagram to explain plant fertilisation. Write a few points on pollen grain.
Pollen grains:

  1. Pollen grains develop in anther.
  2. Anther consists of spore forming tissue. Some of the cells in the spore forming tissue develop as pollen mother cells.
  3. Each pollen mother cell undergoes meiosis to form four daughter cells which develop into pollen grains.
  4. Pollen grains are haploid (‘n’) and are otherwise known as microspores or male gametes.
  5. They contain only one set of chromosomes (‘n’).
  6. The study of pollen grain is called palynology.
  7. During pollination pollen grains are dispersed by wind and insects.
  8. Pollen grains are formed in large numbers. They are light in weight and are easily carried by wind currents.