Do you observe any soil pollution in your neighbourhood?

Do you observe any soil pollution in your neighbourhood? What efforts will you make for controlling the soil pollution?

Yes, it can be controlled by the following methods
(i) Insecticides, pesticides which are used for the protection of our crops cause soil pollution. Herbicides (weed killers) also cause soil pollution. Therefore, there is a need for their judicious use.
{ii) After the World War-II DDT was put to use in agriculture to control the damages caused by insects, rodents, weeds and various crop diseases. However, due to adverse effects, its use has been banned in India. Pesticides such as aldrin and dieldrin are organic toxins. These are water insoluble and non-biodegradable. These causes serious metabolic and physiological disorders in animals. Now a days organophosphates and carbamates are also used as pesticides. These are more biodegradable but these chemicals are severe nerve toxins and hence, more harmful to humans.
Therefore, chemicals like fertilisers, detergents, pesticides, polymers, should be used only when necessary.
{iii) Biodegradable domestic waste should be deposited in land fills.
(iv) Non-biodegradable waste should be recycled.
(v) Use of polythene should be avoided.
(vi) Household waste, biological waste and chemical waste is often incinerated. Incineration greatly reduces the waste volume.