Do these situations involve Bernoulli trials? Explain

Do these situations involve Bernoulli trials? Explain.

a) You are rolling 5 dice and need to get at least two 6’s to win the game.
b) We record the distribution of eye colors found in a group of 500 people.
c) A manufacturer recalls a doll because about 3% have buttons that are not properly attached. Customers return 37 of these dolls to the local toy store. Is the manufacturer likely to find any dangerous buttons?
d) A city council of 11 Republicans and 8 Democrats picks a committee of 4 at random. What’s the probability they choose all Democrats?
e) A 2002 Rutgers University study found that 74% of high school students have cheated on a test at least once. Your local high school principal conducts a survey in homerooms and gets responses that admit to cheating from 322 of the 481 students.