Do plants excrete like animals?

Do plants excrete like animals ?
A. 1) Plants do not have specific organs to excrete the waste materials which are formed during metabolism. .
2) As in animals carbon dioxide, water, ammonia and other nitrogenous wastes are also formed in plants.
3) In plants, carbon dioxide released during respiration is sent out through stomata of leaves.
4) Plants discharge the excess water in the form of water vapour during transpiration
by leaves. Due to this, the heat in the plarits is reduced. •
5) In germinating seeds carbon dioxide formed during respiration is released into
atmosphere. .
6) Plants have the capacity to utilise the by- products of one metabolic activity as the raw materials for another metabolic activity.
7) For example, oxygen released during photosynthesis is utilised for respiration; carbon dioxide released during respiration is utilised for photosynthesis. Plants convert nitrogen and ammonia into nitrates.