Disuss various effects of obesity

Disuss various effects of obesity.

Effects of Obesity : Obesity is a serious condition that leads to thyroid disorders, weight gain, emotional problems, and early death by heart attack.
(a) Hypertension : Obese persons face the problem of hypertension because of their obesity.
(b) Difficulty in Walking : It is difficult to walk, due to accumulation of fat around thighs.
© Pain in Joints : Due to overweight, there is extra pressure on the joints, especially on knee joints and ankle joint. This results in pain at the joints.
(d) Diabetes : When the level of sugar in the blood increases it is known as diabetes.
(e) Blood Pressure : Blood Pressure of an obese person is generally high it is due to the accumulation of fats inside the artery.
(f) Heart Problem : As the blood cholesterol of such persons is generally high, they, are prone to many heart related problems.
Hence, it is best advised to prevent becoming obese, rather than later treating it.