Disuss the teachniques used for stress management

Disuss the teachniques used for stress management.

Some techniques, which are easy to use are mentioned ahead :
(a) Building Self-confidence :
The individual, who is under stress, should try to build his self-confidence. He should have enough confidence to deal with the stress.
(b) Cognitive Strategies to Change the Perception of the Stressor:
The individual who is under stress should apply cognitive strategies to change the perception of the stressor. He should analyse the situation of stress. He should percept the stressor as a challenge rather than a threat. He should have a positive thinking towards the stress.
© Achieve a High Level of Physical Fitness:
For proper management of stress it is important to achieve high level of physical fitness. The goal of stress management is to use stress advantageously, not to eliminate all stress from one’s life. Too little or too severe stress lowers the performance.
(d) Participation in Physical Activities :
When you face stressful situation, you should engage yourself in regular physical activity or exercise. This can manage the stress effectively and efficiently. The exercise should be of moderate to high intensity. Aerobic exercises are good for reducing stress. Physical activity is one of the best means of releasing stress. It increases the fitness of individuals. Indeed, it has been seen that the individuals who are physically fit have a better health status, They are more resistant to the effects of stress than less physically fit persons.