Disuss the applications of biomechanics principles in games and

Disuss the applications of biomechanics principles in games and sports.

Applications for Biomechanics Principles in Games and Sports :
(a) Laws of Motion : The first law of motion, i.e., law of Inertia, is applicable like ; football will remain at rest unless or until kicked by player. Second law of motion, i.e. acceleration is directly proportional to force applied, is applicable like; powerful kick makes the ball to cover long distance whereas slow kick will move the ball to short distance. Third law of motion, i.e. (here is equal and opposite reaction to every action, is applicable like; if football is kicked against wall (from short distance) then the ball will bounce back with same speed in opposite direction (irrespective to friction or other forces).
(b) Principles of Lever and its Types : Lever is a rigid bar or tool around which force or work can be varied. All types of levers are found in our body (like bones, joints and muscles. Like, first type lever at neck joint, second type lever at ankle joint and third type lever at elbow joint. Lever usage can increase the force or work ability and their knowledge is very helpful in sports techniques.
© Principle of Equilibrium and Stability :
These principles guide us to maintain equilibrium and stability during fast games where falling, throwing, jumping are involved like in wrestling, boxing, juddo, etc.
(d) Principle of Projectile and Aerodynamics: These principles are very helpful in throwing events like in shotput throws, jeveline throws, discus throws, etc. Its knowledge is also applied in variations of services in volley ball, tennis and tabletennis, in skills like top spin, back spin, side spin, etc.
(e)Principle of Friction and’ Streamline body : The knowledge of these principles are very helpful in speed activities like sprinting, swimming events, surface making (grounds, courts playfield), shoe selection, etc.