Distinguish between s and p block elements

They can be distinguished as follows : s-block elements :
(i) They have got the general configuration of the valence shell n${{s}^{1-2}}$
(ii) They are all metals.
(iii) Their compounds are mostly ionic.
(iv) They are generally strong reducing agents.
(v) They mostly impart characteristic colour to the flame.
(vi) They have low ionisation energies.
(vii) They show fixed oxidation states.
p-block elements :
(i) The valence shell electronic configuration of p block elements in n${{s}^{2}}$${{p}^{1-6}}$
(ii) They are mostly non-metals.
(iii) Their compounds are mostly covalent.
(iv) They are generally strong oxidizing agents.
(v) Mostly they do not impart colour to the flame.
(vi) They have got comparatively higher value of I.E.
(vii) They show variable oxidation states.