Distinguish between primary sector and secondary sector by stating five points of distinction

Primary Sector
(i) It includes all those economic activities which are connected with extraction and production of natural resources.
(ii) These activities are not dependent on secondary sector.
(iii) This sector is also called agriculture and related sector.
(iv) Agriculture, fisheries, etc, are the examples of primary sector.
(v) Greater dependence on this sector is a sign of underdeveloped economy.
Secondary Sector
(i) it includes all activities which are concerned with the processing materials which have already been extracted at the primary stage.
(ii) These activities depend on primary sector for the supply of raw material.
(iii) This sector is also called as industrial sector.
(iv) Manufacturing, construction, etc, are the examples of secondary sector.
(v) Shift from primary to secodary sector is a sign of developing economy.