Distinguish between Primary and Secondary data?

Primary Data : Primary Data is that data which is collected by the investigator or researcher himself. It is an original form of data collection.
1.Primary data is always original as it is col-lected by the investigator.
2.Suitability of the primary data is positive because it is systematically collected.
3.Primary data is expensive and time consum-ing.
4.Extra precautions are not required.
5.Primary data is in the shape of raw material.
6.Possibility of personal prejudice exists.
7.Investigating agency collects the data.
8.Requires long time for collection.
9.More reliable and suitable to the enquiry because the investigator himself collects it.
10.Requires elaborate organisation.
Secondary Data : Secondary Data refers to that data which is collected through other sources.
1.Secondary data lacks originality. The investi-gator makes use of the data collected by other agencies.
2.Secondary data may or may not suit the objects of enquiry.
3.Secondary data are relatively cheaper.
4.It is used with great care and caution.
5.Secondary data is usually in the shape of readymade products.
6.Possibility of lesser degree of personal prejudice.
7.Some other investigating agency collects it for its own use.
8.Requires less time for collection.
9.Less reliable and suitable as someone else has done that job of collection which may not serve the purpose.
10.Needs comparatively less funds.