Distinguish between Peptic and oxyntic cells

Distinguish between
(i) Peptic and oxyntic cells
(ii) Lipases and peptidases (///) Villi and microvilli
(iv) Sucrose and maltose
(v) Extracellular and intracellular digestion.

(i) Peptic cells are gland cells that are usually basal in location and produce enzymes, while oxyntic cells are large, deap seated cells that secrete HCl.
(ii) Lipases are the type of enzymes found in digestive tract, which breaks fats into di and motioglycerides, while peptidases breaks proteins into their respective peptides.
(iii) Villi are the foldings of mucosa layer, whereas microvilli are the tiny finger-like projection present on the cells in mucosa layer. Both of them are meant to increase the area of absorption irismall intestine.
(iv) Both enzymes are used in digestive tract to convert carbohydrate into its smaller units. Sucrose is the enzyme, which converts sucrose into glucose and fructose, while maltase enzyme converts maltose into glucose in small intestine.
(v) Extracellular digestion is the type of digestion (breaking down of macromolecules) which
takes place outside the cell, while intracellular digestion is the type of digestion that takes place inside the cell.