Distinguish between open unemployment and disguised unemployment

Open unemployment is the unemployment which is visible and seen that some people are still want work. One such example is educated unemployment.
Disguised unemployment is the situation when some people are underemployed. They only divide the labour effort without any effective contribution to the growth of the sector. They are mostly found in Primary sectors because of unavailability of work for them. If they will be drawn out from work, there will be no such effect on production.
Disguised unemployment is more harmful than open unemployment because it often cannot be properly addressed due to its hidden nature and the potential of the human resource cannot be tapped.

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Open unemplyoment means that people don’t have any work to do where as in disguised unemployment peolpe seems to be employed but are actually unemployed.
Ex.1. A person who is searching for a job
2. A person working on farm as an extra labourer who is actully not needed because the people already working on the farm are enough to complete the work.