Distinguish between flat worm and round worm

Flat worm:
1.Mostly parasitic but some are free living.
2.Body dorsoventrally flattened, triploblastic.
3.Acoelomate worms.
4.Bilaterally symmetrical, excretion by flame cells.
5.They are members of Phylum Platyhel- minthes.
6.Mostly hermaphrodite.
7.e.g., Taenia, Fasciola.
Round worm:
1.Mostly endoparasites but some are free liv¬ing.
2.Body bilaterally sym-metrical, elongated.
3.Pseudocoelomate worms.
4.Excretory system is H- shaped.
5.They are members of Aschelminthes.
6.Sexual dimorphism is well marked.
7.e.g., Ascaris.