Distinguish between Biomicromolecules and Biomacromolecules

Biomicromolecules :

  1. Small in size.
  2. Low molecular weights.
  3. Possess simple structure.
  4. Found as molecular solution in intracellular fluid.
  5. Building blocks (monomers) of mac-romolecules.
  6. E.g., inorganic water compounds (mineral salts, gases), organic compounds (sugars, lipids, nucleotides).
    Biomacromolecules :
    1.Large in size.
    2.High molecular weights.
    3.Possess complex structure.
    4.Found as colloidal solution in intracellular fluid.
    5.Constituted by polymerization of macromolecules.
    6.E.g., only organic compounds (polysaccharides, proteins and nucleic acids).