Discuss various functions of blood

Discuss various functions of blood.

Functions of Blood: Blood plays a key role in the functioning of our body. It performs the following functions :

  1. Transport of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs.
  2. It carries food material absorbed from the intestines to the tissue cells for growth, energy and repair purposes.
  3. It carries the waste products of cellular activity and carries them to kidneys, lungs, intestines, etc. for excretion.
  4. It carries hormones, vitamins and other essential chemicals to the places of need.
  5. Helps maintain water balance in the body.
  6. It helps in the regulation of body temperature because of the presence of water in it.
  7. Blood acts as a defensive mechanism due to the bacteria fighting qualities of white blood cells.
  8. Due to the property of coagulation, it guards against haemorrhage or blood loss.