Discuss the regional imbalance in India

Discuss the regional imbalance in India.

Regional imbalance means that some areas are economically advanced and some areas are backward in India. India is the world’s second largest populous country and seventh largest in terms of the area. Inspite of dedicated attempts to reduce the regional disparity, there are certain regional imbalances in the country.
It is stated in the following points
(i) The Eastern and Southern regions in India have remained comparatively less developed than the Western and the Northern regions.
(ii) There is also the difference in the income levels in urban and rural areas.
(iii) The regional imbalance can.be attributed partly due to the British policies. Their policy of export promotion led to the development of the coastal areas leaving the inter state areas relatively less developed.
(iv) The availability of natural resources in different states and the lack of infrastructural facilities like roads and communication facility also contributed to the regional imbalance.