Discuss the reasons for the decline of the caste system

Discuss the reasons for the decline of the caste system.
Ans. Under the caste system, work is divided among people on the basis of their caste. Occupations are passed from generation to generation. Every caste group has exclusive occupations.
Members of the same caste are believed to be from the same community. They are allowed to marry only within their community and cannot even eat with the members of other castes. However, the caste system is declining in India.
The reasons jhr the decline of the caste system are
(i) Many political leaders and social reformers like
Mahatma Gandhi and Jotiba Phule worked to end the caste system in India. They worked to establish a society where every person is treated equally irrespective of his caste.
(ii) Due to such measures and due to increase in education and awareness, the caste system is on the decline in India. With economic development, urbanisation and growth in literacy, the old ideas of the caste system are breaking down.
(iii) Now, the capability of a person is more important, than his caste. The opportunities availahle to people do not differentiate on the basis of caste anymore.