Discuss the principal documents used in exporting. State any six such documents

The principal export documents are the following:

  1. Commercial invoice : This document contains the
    details of goods supplied by the exporter. The common contents of this document are name of buyers and sellers, quanity and price of product, date of sailing, marks made on packings, etc. This document is necessary for taking clearance from the Excise Commissioner, Custom Authority, Export Inspection Agency, etc.
  2. Packing list: This list contains the date of packing, order number, corresponding invoice number, bill of lading number, details of shipping details of sailing, details of goods in each packet, etc.
  3. Bill of lading : It is a very important transport document. It is issued by the shipping company when the exporter surrenders the mate’s receipt.
  4. Airway bill : This document is the same as bill of lading with the only diffrence that it is issued by the airway company and not by the shipping company when goods are transported through airways, then instead of Bill of Lading the exporter gets Arways Bill.
  5. Certificate of inspection : This certificate is issued
    by the export inspection agency. This certifies that export consignment has been inspected as per the specification of Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act.
  6. Certificate of origin : This certificate is issued by
    the Chamber of Commerce or by Export Promotion Council or by a government department. This document certifies that the goods to be exported are originally from the home country only or exporter’s country only.