Discuss the origin of social differences

Discuss the origin of social differences.or Explain any two aspects concerning the origin of social differences.or Describe any three origins of social differences.
Ans. There are many origins of social differences
(i) Social difference means difference in a set of people due to difference in their race, religion, language or culture. But these differences are more than an accident of nature.
A person does not choose his community where he would be born. He just happens to be born in a particular community. People are tall or short, dark or fair, male or female, more by accident.and not by their own choice.
(ii) However, some choices can be made by us. People choose to follow or not to follow a particular religion. They can choose their field of study and the career path, games and cultural activities.
(iii) Social differences are also created by economic inequalities existing in the society, e.g. rich and poor persons from the same family often do not keep close relation with each other for they feel they are very different.

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