Discuss the modes of communication

Discuss the modes of communication.
Explain any two recent trends in communication.

  1. Telecom.
  2. Mobile phone.
  3. Pager service.
  4. Postal services.
  5. Courier service.

Telecom : Telecom is the most common mode
of business communication. It is a faster means to access. It can be used inside as well as outside the organisation. Due to its transitory nature, and it cannot be retained as proof until and unless it is recorded. It provides the following advantages :
(1) Economy, (2) Speed, (3) Privacy.
2.Mobile phone : Mobile phone is the most widely used communication device. Mobile phones provide the facility of direct calling. It is most commonly used communication device and can even be placed in your pocket. The call rates of mobile phones have declined considerably, as many private sector telecom companies have entered in the Indian market.
3.Pager service : A pager is an electronic device which was used to deliver short messages. Pager have been shunned out from the market after the advent of mobile phones.
4.Postal services : Postal services in India are controlled by the government. The postal department not only provides facilities relating to postage of letter or mails but also provides various financial services. Several facilities are provided such as rajdhani channel, speed post and business channel which ensure quick delivery of letters. These also provide services of telegraphic communication. These are highly reliable in nature but suffer from the following drawbacks :
(i) Slow speed
(ii) Bureaucratic nature
5.Courier service : Courier service have gained momentum in the present era due to its services. These provide fast delivery of letters, mails, etc. along with desk-to-desk service which means that the parcel is collected from the place of the sender and delivered at the place of the receiver. Many courier services are operating in India like AFL, Blue Dart, Safe Express, etc.