Discuss the institutional support provided by the government to small business

The institutional support provided by the government are as follows:

  1. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD):
    (i) This bank was established in the year 1982 with the main aim to promote rural development. It
    has designed and implemented many strategies and schemes for the development of rural business.
    (ii) Besides agriculture, it supports cottage and rural industries and rural artisians by offering counselling and consultancy services and easy credit facilities.
    (iii) It also organises training and development programmes for rural entrepreneurs.
    2.The Rural Small Business Development Centre :(i) This centre was established by the World As-sociation for Small and Medium Enterprises. (WASME) NABARD sponsors this centre.
    (ii) The main objective of this centre is to provide management and technical support to current and prospective entrepreneurs in rural areas.
    (iii) Several programmes on rural entrepreneur ship, mobile clinics and trainings, awareness and counselling camps, etc. have been organ-ised by RSBDC in various villages.
  2. The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) : It was set up in September 2004. Following are its main objectives:
    (i) To create more employment opportunities par-ticularly in the rural areas.
    (ii) To increase the competitiveness of the small units in the emerging global environment.
    (iii) To recommend measures for improving the productivity of small enterprises in the informal sector.
    Rural and Women Entrepreneurship Development (RWED):
    (i) The main objective of this development
    programme is to promote a conducive business environment and to build institutional and human capacities that will encourage the entrepreneurial initiatives of rural people and women.
    (ii) To create a business environment in order to encourage initiatives from rural and women entrepreneurs.
    (iii) To enhance human and institutional capacities needed to develop entrepreneurship ability and hence increase productivity.