Discuss the important provisions of the Charter Act of 1833

Discuss the important provisions of the Charter Act of 1833.

The Charter Act of 1833 was a significant constitutional instrument defining the scope and authority of the East India Company. The liberal and utilitarian philosophy of Bentham was made popular by the provisions of this act. Following were the important provisions:

  1. The English East India Company ceased to be a commercial agency in India. In other words, it would function hereafter as the political agent for the Crown. ‘
  2. The Governor - General of Fort William was hereafter called ‘The Governor General of India’.Thus, Bentinck was the first Governor - General of India.
  3. A law Member was appointed to the governor . general’s council. T.B. Macaulay was the first Law Member of the Governor General in Council.
  4. The act categorically stated, “that no native of India, nor any natural born subject of his Majesty, should be disabled from holding any place, office, or employment, by reason of his v religion, place of birth, descent or colour’. It was this enactment which laid the foundation, for the indianisation of public services.

After twenty years, the charter Act of 1853 was passed and it was the last in the series of Character Acts.