Discuss the history of Tennis



Discuss the history of Tennis.


Tennis is a racket game in which two players or two teams (two players each) send the ball over net in such a way that the opponent finds it difficult to return legally. Modern tennis has its roots in the old French game of Paume, for which the rules were written by Walter clopton Wingfield (French) in 1874. The first championship took place at Wimbledon, in 1877, and the first International championships were held in the United States in 1881, in Australia 1905 and in France 1925. Tennis was a part of the first Olympic games in Athens in 1896; but it was withdrawn from the Olympics after 1924 but restarted in 1988. The tennis governing body International Tennis Federation (ITF), was formed in 1977. Tennis is played in most countries, and players range from 6 year child to veteran of over 80 years. The game is played in men singles, women singles, men doubles, women doubles and mixed doubles. Today, it is one of the most sophisticated games played both at amateur and professional levels. The main objective of tennis is to hit the ball across the net into the opponents court so that opponent is unable to return the ball. This is how points are scored by the players which leads to the winning of games, sets and match.
India has produced many good players in this game. Leander Paes had won Olympic silver in 1996 at Atlanta. Mahesh Bhupati and Leander Paes duo (doubles pair) is world ranked in doubles, they had won many grand slams in doubles (mean and mixed) Smarks Sania Mirza has also done India proud. India has achieved good status in tennis.