Discuss the different types of small retailers

The different types of small retailers are as follows :

  1. General stores : These stores deal in a large variety of products required to satisfy the day-to-day requirements of the customers. These are found in a local market and residential areas. These stores remain open for long hours and provide convenience to the consumers in buying goods of daily use such as stationary items, grocery items, toiletries, biscuits, etc. They also provide credit facility to their regular customers.
  2. Speciality shops: These shops deal in specific line of products like shoes, toys, gifts, children’s garments, electronic goods, etc. Such shops are becoming very common, particularly in urban areas. In order to attract a large number of customers, these shops are centrally located.
  3. Street stall holders : These are small retailers generally found at places having- heavy flow of population, such as street crossings, main roads, etc. if deal in low quality goods like toys, hosiery products, etc. They carry business operations on a very limited space.
  4. Second-hand goods shop : These retail shops deal in second-hand or used goods like automobiles, furniture, books, etc. They cater to the needs of people having limited means. The price of the goods sold by them is generally low. Sometimes, these shops deal in antique items or goods having historical value. In such a case, they charge high price from customers having special interest in such goods.
  5. Single line stores : These stores deal in a single product line such as watches, shoes, tyres, readymade garments, books, etc. These stores are centrally located and keep a wide variety of items of the same line.