Discuss the constructive effects of volcanoes.

  1. Discuss the constructive effects of volcanoes.
  2. What are the destructive effects of volcanoes?
  1. Constructive Effects
  • Fertile Soil: Lava of some volcanoes results in the formation of fertile soil over a long period of time. Example- the Deccan Plateau in India and the plains around Mt. Etna in Italy.
  • Source of Precious stones and Minerals: Volcanic eruptions sometimes result in the formation of precious stones like the diamond mines Kimberley in South Africa. Many minerals are also found in the volcanic region like copper deposits in Butte in USA.
  • Hot Springs: Hot springs are now being used for supplying hot water in various buildings in New Zealand and Iceland. They are also used for the generation of electricity. Water from hot springs is used for treating skin ailments.
  1. Destructive Effects
  • Loss of life and property: The eruption of volcanoes can result in huge loss of lives and property.
  • Harmful to Natural Environment: Volcanic eruptions releasedust and many gases into the atmosphere. The solidification of lava into lava sheets also destroys the natural vegetation of the nearby areas.