Discuss several ways by which safety and security of e-business transactions can be insured

1.Setting up special crime cells : Special crime cells must be set up by the government in order to look deeply into the cause of hacking so that the necessary action must be taken against hackers.
2. Encryption: Encryption is the process of conversion of the message in a special code so that unauthorised persons cannot understand it. Encryption system should be dealt in an effective manner to ensure safety and security of e-business transactions.
3. Digital signature : Use of digital signature is one of the effective ways to ensure safety in e-business transactions. Here every message issued is a digital coded certificate by the certification authority. These can even be used as a legal proof of the transactions.
4. Credit card authentication and authorisation : Ways must be developed for the credit card authentication and authorisation by the company commencing e-business. Credit card authorisation provides a sense of security which proves beneficial for the concern.
5. Confirm information from cookies: The information provided from the cookies must be counter checked by sending a code on the e-mail address or at the telephone for its smooth functioning.
6. Third party involvement: Third party involvement relating to the transaction between the two parties is another method of ensuring safety in e-business transactions. Any dispute among the parties to the transaction will be resolved by the third party.