Discuss need for promoting women's education in India

Women have always been neglected when it comes to education in India. The access to education has always been biased towards male population due to our social system which is patriarchal. The lack of education has caused exploitation of women and has resulted in a lower social status of women in India. There is an imminent need for promoting female education in India, because of the following reasons :
(i) Women education is essential for providing
them economic independence and empowering them to save them from exploitation and domestic violence.
(ii) Women education is essential in order to raise the social status of women so that the quality of life of women can be improved.
(iii) Educating woman helps in promoting family welfare programmes and thus, in population control.
(iv) Educated woman are aware of the importance of health are and thus, take proper care of their family members contributing in human capital formation.
(v) Educating a woman means educating a family. An educated woman can inculcate moral values in her children and can facilitate their education.