Discuss in brief the scope of outsourcing

Outsourcing comprises of four segments viz, contract manufacturing, contract research, contract sales and informatics. The term outsourcing is more popularly being associated with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). Even more popularly they are known as ‘call centres’.
About 70 % of the BPO industry revenue comes from call centres, 20 % from high volume, low value data work and remaining 10 % from higher value information work.
BPO’s are not just limited to non-core activities, but has extended its arms into the core business of the firms. They have a global reach and supporting both IT and non-IT enabled business processes, whether they are back end or front office customer facing processes.
Quest for excellence, cost reduction, providing quality products and quality services has brought a boom in’this BPO industry. This has resulted in globalization, increase of job opportunities and has given an impetus to economic growth.