Discuss in brief the process of communication

Discuss in brief the process of communication and show the process through diagram.

The communication process consists of the following elements:

(i) Sender The person who conveys the message, is known as the sender or communicator. He may be a speaker, a writer or an actor.
(ii) Message It is the subject matter of communication. It may consist of facts, information, ideas, opinions, etc. It exists in the mind of the sender.
(iii) Encoding The sender translates the message into words, gestures or other symbols, which he feels will make the receiver understand the message.
(iv) Channel or media The encoded message is transmitted through some medium, which is known as the communication channel, e.g. speaking, writing, phone call, internet, etc.
(v) Decoding It means process of conversion of symbols into the message by the receiver.
(vi) Receiver The person, who receives the message, is called the receiver. The receiver may be a listener, reader or viewer.
(vii) Feedback The receiver sends his response to the sender of the message. Such response is known as feedback.
(viii) Noise It means an obstruction or hindrance in the communication process.