Discuss E-Mail.State the advantages and limitations of e-mail

E-Mail (Electronic Mail) : The biggest advantage of Internet had been the e-mail. It has beer He to bridge the communication gap between users.
(i)With the help of an e-mail, you can send a message , across the globe in just a few seconds and that too at the cost of a single local call. E-mail is used to 5 send and receive messages electronically.
(ii)When two computer terminals are connected with each other on a network, it is possible to transmit messages from one end to the other, irrespective of the distance between them. The message is typed at one end on the" computer screen and then, transmitted to the other through electric impulses. The person at the receiving end is alerted by a signal which implies that there is a mail for him in the electronic mail box.
(iii)For operating an e-mail, one simply needs a network connection, a computer, a telephone, a modem with its software and basic knowledge of using software. When the telephone, fax or telex facilities are attached to the computer, e-mail can be used for transmitting telephonic messages or for faxing important documents.
Advantages of E-Mail:
1.E-mail is cost effective : At the cost of a single local call, one can send a long letter to a user.
2.It can cut right across the globe in just a few seconds, leaving the ordinary mail far behind.
3.Unlike the telephone and fax, it does not wait for the user line to be free to reach him. It will enter in the box and he can open it at his convenience.
4.Most of the e-mail programs give you the option of sending the message to more than one party, saving your time and money.
Limitations of e-mail: It has following limitations too:
1.No matter how much security you may provide to your e-mail account, it is possible that someone may access by trying out various combinations of passwords. So people who have highly confidential matters, do not send it through e-mail.
2.E-mail restricts you to type out the matter on the computer keyboard instead of writing on the paper in long hand. So for this you must know typing.