Discuss different considerations about religion and politics. Or Examine the relationship between religion and politics

The relationship between religion and politics is very much guided by religious differences in the country.
Moreover we have different consideration about religion and politics.
(i) Gandhiji’s view regarding Religion and Politics. Gandhiji was of the view that Religion cannot be separated from politics. According to him politics must be guided by values drawn from every religion. Here Gandhiji didn’t mean by religion as any other religion like Islam, or Christianity, but ethical values that are inherent in every religion.
(ii) Humanist on Religion and politics : Humanist of the Human Rights group believed that politics or political power must be used to protect religious minorities because in our country the victims of communal riots are from various minority group.
(iii) Women’s movement on religion and politics : Women’s movement demanded that religion must be guided by politics in a way that it is the family law of every religion which discriminates against women. So government should modify these laws in a more equitable manner.
(iv) All these instances involve a relationship between religion and politics. Sometimes those who hold “political power should be able to regulate the practice of religion” so as to prevent discrimination and oppression.
(v) But these Political acts are not wrong as long as they treat every religion equally.

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