'Directing is the heart of management process'

Give the meaning of directing as a function of management and any four points of its importance.
’Directing is the heart of management process’. Do you agree? Give four reasons in support of your answer.

Yes, directing is the heart of management process. It means guiding, inspiring and supervising the people to work for the betterment of the organisation.
Importance of directing :
1.Initiates Action
Directing is the execution function of converting plans into action. While the other functions prepare a setting for action, it initiates action in the organisation for the achievement of predetermined goals.
2. Integrates Employees Efforts
Directing helps a manager to integrate individual efforts towards the achievement of organisational goals. It ensures that all individuals work for the benefit of the organisation, by establishing harmony between organisational and personal goals.
3. Provides Leadership
Effective directing provides motivation and leadership to the employees, which helps them to identify their potentials and realise their latent capabilities, leading to growth.
4. Introduces Changes
Changes in an organisation are usually resisted by employees. Through effective direction, a manager can explain the purpose and benefit of such changes to the employees. Various incentives may also be offered to motivate them and accept the changes whole heartedly.
5. Provides Stability
Effective directing helps to develop co-operation and commitment on part of subordinates. This provides stability to the organisation and helps to achieve balance among various groups, activities and departments.