Differentiate stem tuber (Potato) and root tuber (Sweet potato)

Differences between stem tuber (Potato) and root tuber (Sweet potato):
Stem tuber (Potato):
1.Fleshy underground stem.
2.Divided into nodes and intemodes.
3.Does not bear roots.
4.Scale leaves present.
5.When exposed, stem tuber may develop chlorophyll.
6.Apical bud present.
7.Stem like anatomy.
8.Stem tuber develops at the tip of an under-ground branch.
Root tuber (Sweet Potato):
1.Fleshy adventitious root.
2.The nodes and inter-nodes are absent.
3.Have several fine roots.
4.Scale leaves absent.
5.No chlorophyll is devel-oped in the root tuber.
6.Apical bud absent.
7.Root like anatomy.
8.Root tuber develops from any part of root.