Differentiate between vitamin, hormone and enzyme

Vitamin :

  1. It is carried in the food.
  2. It is used up during the process.
  3. It is obtained from food.
  4. It may be organic acid, amide, amine, ester, alcohol or steroid.
  5. It act as coenzyme.
  6. Its deficiency causes deficiency diseases.
    Hormone :
    1.It is carried by the food.
    2.It is consumed during the metabolic process.
    3.It is produced by an endocrine gland.
    4.It is a glycoprotein, steroid or polypeptide.
    5.It act as a stimulating substance.
    6.Its excess as well deficiency causes many hormonal
    disorders and diseases.
    Enzyme :
    1.It is not carried in the food.
    2.It remains unchanged after the reaction.
    3.It is produced by exocrine gland.
    4.It is always proteinous in nature.
    5.It act as a biocatalyst.
    6.It is required in small amount.