Detailed summary of the chapter the enemy, evans tries an o level

Detailed summary of the chapter the enemy, evans tries an o level.
character sketch of dr.sadao, hana , evans and the governer

Summary of The Enemy

The Enemy is a story set in Japan during WW II written by Pearl S. Buck. In this story, an injured American washes up on the beach near the home of a respected Japanese surgeon, Dr. Sadao Hoki. Dr. Hoki’s daily activities and traditional attitudes are transformed by the encounter with the American. His family live a traditional Japanese life despite his modern profession.

Dr. Hoki is an American-trained Japanese surgeon working in Japan during World War II. He pulls a wounded American sailor, perhaps an escaped POW, from the surf behind his home. His wife is against him taking care of the soldier. Yet, he hides the sailor, operates on him, and preserves his life.

However, he reports what he has done to his patient, an official in the Japanese military, as he becomes fearful for his family. The officer says he will arrange to have the American assassinated in order to spare possible retribution against Sadao, the surgeon, and his family. The assassination doesn’t take place, and Dr. Sadao thinks about how to rid himself of this danger he has brought home and healed. He makes a series of decisions leading to varying interpretations in terms of his motivation.

Summary of Evans tries an O-Level

Evans was a prisoner in H. M. prison. He was famed for his multiple jail breaks therefore he was also known as ‘Evans the Break’. He had many friends both inside and outside the prison who helped him time and again to escape. When he expressed his desire to study German and appear for the O Level Examination, everyone doubted his sincerity. He was not given any chance to communicate with people other than his professor. He began night classes in O-Level German.

It was arranged for him to take his examination in a prison cell. On the day of the exam, he was given time to smarten up but he came to unshaven and having a filthy looking hat on his head which he refused to remove. The tables were set and he was checked to ensure that he did not carry any sharp objects like razors and nail scissors into the cell. The invigorator Mc Lerry came in carrying a brown suitcase and a semi-inflated rubber ring.

The invigorator instructed him to enter the Index No. 313 and the Centre No. 271 on the sheet and begin the test. After the examination Mc Lerry left and being escorted out by Stephens who noted that Mc Lerry replied to his enquiry in a scots accent. When he returned to check on Evans, he saw him in the invigorator’s cloths sprawled on the floor and bleeding. He assumed that Evans attacked Mc Lerry and escaped disguising as him. The furious governor examined the question paper left behind and figured his hiding place, leaving to catch him at once. He did not care to examine the bleeding person. He merely informed the ambulance and left. Later he was shocked when he realised that the injured invigorator did not reach the hospital. Moreover, the ambulance that was sent to fetch him had disappeared on its way. When they finally fount McLeery bound and gagged, they realised that the one left behind in the cell was indeed Evans.

Evans finally reached his hotel triumphant over his escape only to be shocked to find the Governor waiting for him in his room. The governor told him that the Index No. and the Centre No. gave him the hint of Evans true location. Evans confessed his act and shared the details of his plot. He was cuffed and clambered into the back seat of prison van. He simply turned towards the prison officer driving the van and asked him to drive fast to Newbury. The Governor was thus fooled once again by Evans and his friends.

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