Describe with examples modifications of adventitious roots

Modifications of Adventitious Roots :
1.Tuberous: It is swollen root and shapeless occurring singly, e.g., Sweet potato.
2.Fasciculated : Several tuberous roots arise from the same place in a cluster, e.g., Dahlia, Asparagus, Ruellia.
3.Beaded roots : These roots have swollen parts of frequent intervals, e.g., Fortulaca, Mormordica charantia and vitis.
4.Prop roots : These are pillar like roots, hanging vertically downward from the aerial branch of the plants, e.g., Banyan tree.
5.Stilt: The roots are short which grow obliquely from near the base of the main stem and they provide anchorage and support to the stem, e.g., sugarcane,maize, sorghum, screwpine.
6.Parasitic : These roots penetrate into the host,cells and absorb the nutrients from host tree, e.g., Cuscuta.
7.Assimilatoiy : (Photosynthetic root). Adventitious roots in certain plants become green to carry out photosynthesis. These roots are called as assimilatory roots, e.g., Tinospora, Trapa.