Describe various factors affecting the heart rate



Describe various factors affecting the heart rate.


There are following factors which affect the heart rate whether in resting or after exercise :

  1. Posture : The body posture affects the heart rate of an individual. It means that the heart rate varies in lying, sitting and standing postures. In fact, it varies due to gravitational force which always applies on our body. In lying posture, heart rate of an individual remains less in comparison to the sitting or standing position. Although, it does increase but there is just a slight increase.
  2. Sex : In same conditions or situations an adult female’s resting heart rate remains higher, approximately 5 to 10 beats per minute in comparison to an adult male.
  3. Age : The resting heart rate lowers progressively from birth (when it is approximately 130 beats per minute) to adolescence but in old age it again increases slightly.
  4. Environmental Factors : The environmental factors, such as high temperature, high altitude, still air and high humidity, etc. increase the hearf rate of an individual.
  5. Emotional Factors: Emotional factors, such as stress, tension and anxiety, fear and agression tend to increase the heart rate in resting and during exercise.


How does posture and sex affect the heart rate #Mareena please explain further