Describe the various types of warming-up

Describe the various types of warming-up.

Type of Wanning-up :
There are two types of warming-up viz.
General Warming-up and Specific Warming-up. These are described below :

  1. General Warming-up. General warming- up is usually performed in all types of activities. This type of warming-up includes jogging, running, jumping, stretching, callisthenics striding, wind sprints and other general exercises. It increases coordinative abilities, and flexibility of muscles and joints. It also improves muscle tone. The duration of general warming-up depends upon the nature of work to be performed.
  2. Specific Warming-up. In specific warming- up, exercises are done with implements. Special exercises are performed which have direct relationship with the activity to be done. These specific exercises are performed after the activities of general warming-up. Specific type .of warming-up differs from activity to activity which means game to game, For example, a sprinter may take few starts and run for short distance before the actual competition. A basketball player may practise for lay up shots or free throws practise for lay up shots or free throws before the competition. This type of warming-up improves the coordinative abilities. In fact, in specific warming-up, the main stress is laid on the practice of various skills which are to be performed in the game. The exercises, which are usually performed in specific warming-up,
    are described below according to the concerned game :
  3. Cricket : Bowling, catching, batting, fielding etc.
  4. Badminton : Forward bending, sideways bending, backward bending, body twisting exercises, etc.
  5. Basketball: Dribbling, shooting, lay up shots, shuttle run, dodging and free throws, etc.
  6. Lawn tennis : Wall practice, service practice, passing shots and knocking, etc.
  7. Shot put : Shifting the shot from left hand to right hand and vice versa, standing throws, putting the shot with both hands, gliding practice with or without shot, etc.
  8. Hockey : Dribbling, relation of stick, stopping the ball with stick, short passes, long hits, scoop, etc.