Describe the structure of mitochondria with the help of a diagram

Describe the structure of mitochondria with the help of a diagram.
. Structure of mitochondria:

  1. Mitochondria is known as energy currency or power house of cell.
  2. Mitochondria can be seen with a special microscope called electron microscope.
  3. Mitochondria are sac-like structures present in the cytoplasm of the cells.
  4. They may be of various shapes thread-like, spherical.
  5. Mitochondria have two compartments - an inner compartment and an outer compartment. The substance in the inner compartment is called matrix.
  6. The matrix is surrounded by a membrane called inner membrane of mitochondria.
  7. The inner membrane is thrown into several folds called cristae. The cristae extended into the matrix.
  8. The space between the folds is continuous with the outer compartment.
  9. The outer compartment is surrounded by another membrane - the outer membrane.
    The outer membrane is smooth and has no projections.
  10. The inner membrane, the matrix and the elementary particles in the mitochondria have large number of enzymes and other required proteins for the respiration and
    energy production.