Describe the similarities in sexual reproduction of Moss and Fern

Similarities in sexual reproduction of Moss and Fern:
(a)Oogamous mode of sexual reproduction which involves fertilization of non-motile female gamete or egg by means of a motile gamete or sperm.
(b) In both, the male sex organs consists of a jacket of sterile cells that enclose a spermatogenous tissue (sperm mother cells).
© Sperms are flagellate.
(d) Female sex organs or archegonia are flask-shaped with a tubular neck and a swollen basal venter. Venter encloses a single egg or oosphere and a sterile venter canal cell. Neck has one or more neck canal cells.
(e) An external source of water is needed for the swimming of the sperms so as to reach the open archegonia.
(f) Dependence of the embryo upon gametophytic phase.
(g) Occurence of heteromorphic or heterologous alternation of generation.